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Some.Fun Some.Bliss Some.Yoga


The Some.Yoga.Studio Experience Difference:

RESERVE YOUR MAT: to make it as stress-free as possible a premium yoga mat is reserved and set up for you (no scrambling for a spot upon arrival, no need to carry around a mat or worry about if it's clean - we do it all!)

PROPS: blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and towels (sometimes hot/sometimes seasonally scented cool refresh towels at the end of a sweaty class), already laid out and ready for you. (no running for props in the middle of a pose when you realize you need one)

WATER: fill at our tap, Somerville has quality water
MUSIC: custom music mix for each class 

CLASS: boutique studio with smaller class sizes for more personal attention to you

FREE 2 Hour Parking (on street): It's not quite as good as valet parking, which may be the only thing we may need to work on.




What to expect:


Going to LIsa Natale's Somerville yoga studio, Some.Yoga.Studio makes you feel like you've gotten into a cool, exclusive party. You enter into a loft like space on the ground floor of an historic triple decker that is full of charm, original hard wood floors and antiques. There is no front desk for purchasing packages or lockers for securing belongings. Guests arrive for class like they are walking into a friends's house, chatting, hanging coats and being greeted by their host, owner, Somervillen Lisa Natale who makes a point of knowing everybody's names. Located in Gilman Square, Somerville, in the Historic Triple decker she grew up in, the space is beautiful, warm, peaceful and spa-like. It is super clean and there are flowers and a slight scent of incense in the air, flickering candles and very neat rows of premium black mats with props, a towel and water set up in advance for the class with cool beats playing softly in the background. No need to carry your yoga luggage here, it is all set up for you in advance. "If you are running late like I always was", she says, "you don't have to scramble, fumble and squeeze into a spot disrupting the class, simply get on the mat reserved for you and find it is already set up with the props you will need, water and a towel. Take a deep breath (as it says on the front door) and immediately you are able to unwind and let the tension melt." She jokes, "if you are waiting for your train (Green Line Extension), come on in and do Some Yoga, perhaps it will help things along. But if it doesn't, melt a little longer in Savasana, of course the train will arrive when you do."  


Each class has it's own bespoke music mix, it's an athletic warm yoga class heated to about 82 degrees (not hot yoga, more like a warm summer day yoga) and you will sweat. Smaller class sizes for more personal attention to you. We recommend you RSVP in advance to hello@someyogastudio but walk in's are also welcome. You will melt into savasana and are offered light massage and cool lavender oil scented towels (of course you may opt out). Our clients often tingle and glow from head to toe, feeling like they are floating out the door, ready to conquer the day! All the things she would have liked in a yoga studio before creating her ideal studio with Some.Yoga.Studio. She calls it Funified.Blissified.Yoga, a gift you give to yourself. For an added convenience, you may also order organic juices and cleanses in advance from Nourish Your Soul to be delivered to the studio for you fresh on the day of class. 


At Some.Yoga.Studio we hope your mind, body and soul will love and crave your next class!










Break free from the strands of tension and stress that bind you while loving your workout!

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