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Some Yoga Studio yoga classes strive to make the transition to and from the mat easy and stress free! We provide a whole sensorial, personal and exclusive yoga experience that will delight you and enhance your day. Set on the bottom floor of a triple decker where the owner, Lisa Natale grew up, the enviorment is warm, friendly and homey with a tailored music mix of sexy, cool beats for each class. This boutique studio offers the benefit of smaller class sizes for more personal attention to you. Strengthen and lengthen your muscles and ease tension and tightness in a body that may spend too much time sitting at a computer, standing or traveling; allowing the equivalent of light and air to flow through the body while calming the mind. Exercise and mindfulness. Some.Body, Some.Mind and Some.Spirit, Some.Yoga is the gift you give yourself when you show up for yourself. 


Sweat.Unwind.Feel Amazing!


Some Yoga Studio vinyasa yoga classes link breath with athletic and creative movements for all levels, beginners to advanced. Family and kids yoga classes are for babies to boomers.


Some Yoga Studio is your one stop shop for whole health as well as to simply enhance your day on and off the mat. Yoga.Nourishment.Music.


Some Yoga Studio energizes you to calm with a modern approach to ancient yogic traditions and urban life experiences.





















Kids and Family Yoga:

Watch for more kids and family yoga classes coming soon.

Kids Yoga Birthday parties are a big hit, book our beautiful studio for Some.Yoga.Birthday.Fun today!


This beautiful studio is available for rent.

Contact Lisa at hello@someyogastudio.com