Lorraine Gray

Beginner to Intermediate Vinyasa 

Lorraine started her yoga journey ten years ago at the age of 44.  It began with just one class a week but it wasn’t long before she found herself returning to her mat more and more often.  She craved the way yoga made her feel both physically and mentally.  After practicing consistently for ten years she decided to jump into 200 Hour Teacher Training at the Yoga Loft in Wilmington, MA in the fall of 2020 and graduated in May of 2021. She also received her Level 1 Reiki Certification at that time. Her goal is to bring yoga to people who think they can’t do yoga. Her hope is that people come to her class, see her and realize that the images they have seen of “perfect” yogis are misleading. Her classes fall somewhere between beginner and advanced beginner with encouragement to use props and modification both up and down.  She believes that humor, an open mind and a good play list are some of the keys to a good yoga class.   Lorraine grew up in Somerville, raised her son Adam there and has previous teaching experience as a swim teacher and coach at the Somerville YMCA

This practice is a great introduction to Vinyasa Yoga – perfect for beginners, those getting back  into yoga, new mothers and those that want to be more gentle on their body.

Lisa Natale, Owner/Founder

Vinyasa Flow

Some Yoga Signature Vinyasa flow - If you love move and flow, this class is for you.  The owner of Some Yoga Studio, Lisa will lead you through a creative, and well thought out vinyasa experience with an emphasis on embodiment and intuitive movement synced perfectly with a carefully curated playlist. Class will be a balanced experience of flow, embodiment, freedom and clearing with restorative postures towards the end and a solid savasana and meditation to close class. Open to all, everything in class is your choice to do it or not. Modifications will be offered for both the beginner and more advanced student.