Sarah Chaves

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Sarah’s yoga journey began in 2012 at her local gym, but it wasn’t until 2015 when she fell in love with the practice at Some Yoga Studio in Somerville, MA. Initially, her goal was to reduce stress, but the practice provided so much more than that. Sarah learned more about her true authentic self than ever before. Yoga not only helped heal Sarah’s chronic illness but opened her up to a badass community. The practice continues to help her heal, as she grieves the recent loss of her Mother to brain cancer. It is this practice along with meditation and reiki that has carried her through this trying year.


Sarah completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Winter of 2019 at Health Yoga Life. She is known for her thoughtful vinyasa flow with essential oils that will bring balance to your life on and off the mat. When Sarah is not practicing yoga or reiki, you’ll find her dancing, reading or meeting up with friends and family.

Lisa Natale, Owner/Founder


Some Yoga Signature Flow - If you love move and flow, this class is for you.  The owner of Some Yoga Studio, Lisa will lead you through a creative, and well thought out vinyasa experience with an emphasis on embodiment and intuitive movement synced perfectly with a carefully curated playlist. Class will be a balanced experience of flow, embodiment, freedom and clearing with restorative postures towards the end and a solid savasana and meditation to close class. Open to all, everything in class is your choice to do it or not. Modifications will be offered for both the beginner and more advanced student.













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